We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you, the woman, the prophetess and the ministry of Prophetess Sharon. Prophetess Sharon felt the calling of God to ministry on her life at the young age of 12 and was compelled by the spirit of God to preach her first message. During these early years Prophetess Sharon’s dad became an evangelist and Prophetess Sharon worked and traveled with her father until 2004. During that time, she also ministered with him in his church, where she handled the  duties of Co Pastor, church secretaryand other duties within the ministry, as well as continued in evangelism both her dad’s ministry and own ministry. In 1989 she heard the voice of God calling her into full time ministry. All of her life Prophetess Sharon has been involved in ministry, conducting camp meetings, revivals, conventions, and women’s conferences.

    Thru 1999-2000 Prophetess Sharon held the office of Co Pastor of the Four Square Church in Haskell, TX. In 2000, Prophetess Sharon pursued full time evangelism, working independently of her dad’s ministry; Prophetess Sharon has traveled extensively preaching in 38 states including countries, such as Haiti, many parts of Mexico, Costa Rica, and Belize. Prophetess Sharon’s ministry has touched the lives of many thru the outreach of TV and radio broadcast nationally and internationally as well as the recording of four gospel music albums.  

    Prophetess Sharon ministers with simplicity, humor, and authority. Prophetess Sharon is one of America’s foremost prophetic voices in the 21st Century with a sure Word of Prophecy and a proven ministry with the signs and gifts of God being manifested in her services. Prophetess Sharon ministers under the anointing of God and delivers the message of Salvation, and thru the gift of the Word of Knowledge and the demonstration of the miraculous power of God she brings the deliverance of God to the children of God in their family, finances, and healing of their physical bodies.  A single service under the anointed ministry of Prophetess Sharon can change your life forever.

   Prophetess Sharon’s life goals and heart’s desire is to minister the Word of God and minister in every state of the U.S touching as many lives as possible, building the Kingdom of God, Worldwide. Prophetess Sharon has coined a powerful statement for this generation “A Church Alive Is worth the Drive”. So do not miss your opportunity when the ministry of Prophetess Sharon comes to your area, it will be a night that will change your life forever.